Below The Hook

Many times when a new system is designed and sold, the below the hook device (also known as an end effector) is forgotten.  This can be a very important element of the system as the end effector provides the link between your product and the hook on your hoist.  There are many industry and product specific end effectors in the marketplace.  

Some of the more common products include:

  • Spreader Beams
  • Roll Lifters
  • Coil Lifters and Upenders
  • Sheet Lifters
  • Lifting Tongs
  • Remote Release Hooks

Over the years we have worked on the design of many units varying from commonly stocked spreader beams to customized devices to remotely release materials.  Contact one of our Engineers today so we can help fit the best “Below the Hook” device to your application.


It’s important to remember that the all of the components of your system need to have consistent markings reflecting the lowest capacity rating of any components.  If the hoist on your bridge crane is only rated and labeled for 2 tons, the other components need to be labeled as such.  You want to eliminate any confusion caused by mislabeling.   This will help to ensure the safety of your workers, equipment and inventory.